Biden extends US sanctions against Iran

US President Joe Biden has decreed to extend the set of sanctions against Iran, which are in force since 1995, for another year, reports, citing the White House press office.

Israel will Defend Itself if world Fails to Stall Iran’s Nuclear Plans: Benny Gantz

The Israeli military is updating plans to strike Iranian nuclear sites and is prepared to act independently, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz told Fox News.

Brexit: EU to launch legal proceedings against UK 'very soon'

Brussels has warned it will launch legal action “very soon” following a move by the UK to unilaterally delay implementation of part of the Brexit deal relating to Northern Ireland, The Guardian reported.

EU first as Italy blocks export of coronavirus vaccines to Australia

Italy has blocked a shipment of coronavirus vaccines going to Australia - the first time a new EU export control mechanism has been used, Euronews reports.

Biden lauds NASA team for giving US 'dose of confidence'

President Joe Biden on Thursday congratulated the NASA team responsible for last month’s successful landing of an six-wheeled rover on Mars and for giving the country a “dose of confidence” at a moment when the nation's reputation as a scientific leader has been tattered by the coronavirus pandemic.

Turkey to host subsequent Turkish-Azerbaijani military exercises

The Turkish Ministry of Defense reports that it has hosted a meeting with servicemen of the Azerbaijani army who have come to Isparta to hold six-week command-staff military exercises.

Biden Administration Singles out China as "Biggest Geopolitical Test" for U.S

President Joe Biden singled out a “growing rivalry with China” as a key challenge facing the United States, with his top diplomat describing the Asian country as “the biggest geopolitical test” of this century, Reuters reports.

US Lawmakers Cancel March 4 Meeting over Capitol Attack Threat

US House of Representatives cancelled the hearing scheduled for March 4 after receiving a law enforcement warning about possible preparation of an attack on the Capitol, TASS reports.

Rockets Hit Iraq's Ain al-Asad Air Base Hosting US Troops

At least 10 rockets have landed at Ain al-Asad airbase in the western Iraqi province of Anbar, according to the Iraqi military and the US-led coalition forces, al-Jazeera reports.

Ankara considering possibility of acquiring new batch of Russia's S-400s

The Defense Industries Presidency (SSB) Chairperson Ismail Demir confirmed on Wednesday that Ankara continues to consider the possibility of acquiring a second batch of Russia's S-400 missiles, despite the pressure exerted by the United States.

Erdogan tells Macron they can contribute to peace and stability from Europe to the Caucasus

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told French President Emmanuel Macron that cooperation between the two countries has “very serious potential” as the NATO members work to normalise ties after bitter disputes last year, Al Jazeera reported.

Pope Francis Warns Mankind Will Face a Second Great Flood

Pope Francis has warned that mankind is facing a second great flood caused by climate change unless leaders act to fix corruption and injustice, The Daily Mail reports.

Russia MFA: US administration has launched hostile anti-Russian attack

The US administration has launched a hostile anti-Russian attack, announcing, in a duet with the European Union, the next measures of sanctions to "punish Moscow." This is stated in a commentary of the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, reports.

Biden vows enough coronavirus vaccine for all US adults by end of May

President Joe Biden said the U.S. expects to take delivery of enough coronavirus vaccine for all adults by the end of May — two months earlier than anticipated — and he pushed states to get at least one shot into the arms of teachers by the end of March to hasten school reopenings, AP reported.

Georgia FM to visit Turkey

Georgian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani on Wednesday will pay a visit to Turkey at the invitation of his Turkish counterpart, Mevlut Cavusoglu, reports, citing Georgia-Online.

Rare Winston Churchill painting owned by Angelina Jolie smashes auction record

A rare Winston Churchill painting that was gifted to US President Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II and eventually made its way into actor Angelina Jolie's collection has become the most expensive painting by the former British prime minister to sell at auction, fetching nearly £8.3 million ($11.5 million) after fees, CNN reports.

Pentagon announces $125 million security assistance package for Ukraine

The Pentagon on Monday announced a $125 million security assistance package for Ukraine, with another $150 million contingent on Kyiv making progress on reforms and anti-corruption efforts, The Hill reported.

Boeing to base US air force prototype on Australian pilotless combat jet

Boeing Co will use a pilotless, fighter-like jet developed in Australia as the basis for its U.S. Air Force Skyborg prototype, an executive at the plane maker said on Tuesday, according to Reuters.

170 U.S. lawmakers urge Biden administration to push Turkey on rights

One hundred seventy members of the US House of Representatives signed a bipartisan letter sent to Secretary of State Antony Blinken urging President Joe Biden’s administration to address “troubling” human rights issues as it formulates policy for dealings with Turkey, Reuters reported.

Netanyahu Says Iran 'Clearly' Behind Blast on Israeli-Owned Ship

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Iran on Monday for a blast aboard an Israeli-owned ship in the Gulf of Oman last week but sidestepped a question on whether Israel would retaliate, Jerusalem Post reports.