“Crossroads of Peace”: no peace, no crossroads

On October 26, within the framework of the Silk Road Forum in Tbilisi, Nikol Pashinyan presented the project “Crossroads of Peace”. According to him, unblocking communications in the region will not only lead to the establishment of peace in the South Caucasus, but will also turn Armenia into a crossroads of infrastructure projects.

A Peace to Fail All Peace Why the Armenia-Azerbaijan Normalization Process is Doomed

On July 15, 2023, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev met with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan at the sixth round of trilateral peace talks in Brussels mediated by European Council President Charles Michel.

The Humanitarian Crisis in Nagorno-Karabakh Exacerbates Regional Instability

For an uninformed casual news consumer, guarantees of security and rights for the people of Artsakh within the jurisdiction of Azerbaijan may sound perfectly normal.

Opinion: The EU needs to facilitate a dialogue between Baku and Stepanakert

As Armenia and Azerbaijan continue their intensive negotiations to reach an agreement, tensions grow around the self-proclaimed Nagorno Karabakh Republic.

Pashinyan's surrender of Artsakh to Azerbaijan is null and void

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has hinted repeatedly since the 2020 Artsakh War that Artsakh is a part of Azerbaijan. This has been his position for years. As a journalist, long before coming to power, he thought that Artsakh is a burden on Armenia.

Another Turkish attempt to attack Biden for recognizing the Armenian Genocide

When Turkey and its denialist supporters lose a battle to block the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, they resort to ridiculous attacks such as announcing their desire to impeach Pres. Biden after he is no longer in office, a laughable notion which I disclosed in my earlier article.

Founder of Azerbaijan Republic of 1918 collaborated with Nazi Germany

Pres. Ilham Aliyev and the Azeri media frequently disparage Armenian national hero Karekin Njteh for having associated with Nazi Germany during World War II.

Turkey disgraces itself by denying the Genocide after Biden’s acknowledgment

Pres. Joe Biden issued a written statement on April 24, officially recognizing the Armenian Genocide for the second year in a row.

Don’t let Turks buy land in Armenia; impose tariffs on Turkish imports

The Armenian government must take two important steps prior to opening the border with Turkey: 1) Forbid Turkish citizens from buying real estate in Armenia; and 2) Place tariffs on the import of products from Turkey.

32 years ago on this day..Azerbaijan-Karabakh conflict

On January 12-15, 1990, in parallel with the massacres in Baku, the Azeri perpetrators launched an organized attack on the villages of Manashid, Azat and Kamo of Northern Artsakh in order to complete the policy of ethnic cleansing.

30 years ago on this day..Azerbaijan-Karabakh conflict

On January 13, 1992, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces for the first time, with the use of Grad missile launcher shelled the Shahumyan settlement, the center of Shahumyan region of the Republic of Artsakh.

New round of talks with Turkey can succeed only in one case – if Ankara recognizes Armenian Genocide. Ruben Safrastyan

Expert on Turkey, academician Ruben Safrastyan sat down with Armenpress to talk about the prospects of the new process of normalization of relations between Armenia and Turkey after the failed “football diplomacy”, whether or not Turkey is sincere in willing to reconcile with Armenia and what risks and benefits Armenia could have by entering this process.

Analysis: The more things change in Armenia, the more they stay the same

The title is derived from a French expression which I have used to describe the situation in Armenia.

U.S. mayors rescind false proclamations they had issued at Azerbaijan’s urging

The Azeri government does not seem to understand that you can’t always get what you want by bribing and paying politicians. There is a limit to what money can buy. Sometimes, the truth matters more.

Harut Sassounian: Turkish-American groups contributed $2.2mMillion to politicians since 2007

I came across a Turkish-American website, “,” which is described as: “Ten Thousand Turks Campaign.”

Russia realized it was deceived by cooperating with Turkey and Azerbaijan, says political analyst

A senior analyst says that Russia is lately gradually changing its emphases over the Artsakh issue towards a more pro-Armenian position after realizing that it has been deceived by Turkey and Azerbaijan by cooperating with them.

Candidate for governor of Virginia, a Turkish lobbyist, should be defeated - Harut Sassounian

The Washington Free Beacon online newspaper published on Aug. 20, 2021 an article by Chuck Ross, titled: “Turkey Paid McAuliffe’s Firm to Lobby US Against Recognition of Armenian Genocide.”

Erdogan’s Huge Mosque Near Washington is a Trojan Horse for Turkey’s Interests

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan inaugurated one of the largest mosques in the United States in April 2016 It is officially called the Diyanet Center of America (DCA), a massive complex that is located on 17 acres in Lanham, Maryland, just 15 miles from Washington, DC.

Azerbaijani black market: Where do the western weapons go? – Bulgarian Military

The U.S. President Joe Biden prolonged the moratorium on prohibition of deliveries to Azerbaijan of the military equipment and the weapon at the end of April. Previously Baku could not benefit from the opportunity of purchasing of armament from Washington according to the Section 907 amendment of the Freedom Support Act of the U.S. Congress, which was accepted in 1992 and completely banned any kind of direct United States aid with arms supplies to Azerbaijan, an article published at the Bulgarian Military says.

Greece must recognize Artsakh to atone for its envoy’s PR tour of Shushi

A scandalous propaganda tour was organized on July 9-10, 2021 by Azerbaijan’s despotic government to occupied Shushi and Hadrut to display “proudly” to foreign ambassadors its barbaric attack on the civilian population of Artsakh and partial destruction of one of its most sacred Armenian cathedrals.

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