Msmna. Blockade. Day 46

Due to the blockade of the only road connecting Artsakh to Armenia, the residents of the Msmna community of the Martuni region of the Republic of Artsakh are facing a number of difficult problems.

Msmna. Blockade. Day 46

Msmna. Blockade. Day 46
STEPANAKERT, JANUARY 26, ARTSAKHPRESS: In an interview with "Artsakhpress", Arthur Grigoryan,  the head of the community of Msmna, mentioned that the biggest problem that has arisen at the moment is food delivering to the village.
"Due to poor inter-community roads and lack of diesel fuel, couriers are unable to deliver food on time," the head of the municipality explained in detail.
'' The autumn sowing works have been completed. No problems have appeared during this period.
Referring to the purchase of some products with the coupon system, A. Grigoryan noted that there are still no complaints about the format.
"There are people engaged in agriculture, but, unfortunately, they have not managed to store vegetables. The lack of vegetables is still felt day by day," the community head summarized.






Armenia Armed Forces did not open fire toward Azerbaijani positions

The statement released by the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan claiming that from 00:15 to 02:30 March 15 the units of the Armed Forces of Armenia opened fire at Azerbaijani positions deployed in the eastern part of the Armenian-Azerbaijani borderline is untrue.”

Artsakh army did not fire at Azerbaijani positions

The statement released by the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan claiming that Defense Army units periodically opened fire on March 15 at Azerbaijani positions deployed in the occupied territories of Martuni and Askeran regions in the Republic of Artsakh is yet another disinformation.”

The rescue workers, accompanied by Russian peacekeepers, convoyed the RA citizens who remained in Artsakh. Ministry of Internal Affairs regarded news spread by Azerbaijan as disinformation

Yesterday, on March 13, the Azerbaijani media spread another disinformation that servicemen and weapons were transported from Armenia to Artsakh accompanied by Russian peacekeeping troops, attaching a video of a small convoy of vehicles. In fact, in the video published by the Azerbaijani side, there are not military vehicles, but vehicles belonging to the State Emergency Service.

Pashinyan warns of high likelihood of new attack by Azerbaijan

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan warned on Tuesday of high likelihood of an escalation by Azerbaijan along the border with Armenia and in Nagorno Karabakh.