Azerbaijanis resorted to provocation near the Getavan community on the Mataghis-Karvachar highway. Artsakh Ministry of Internal Affairs

Azerbaijanis resorted to provocation near the Getavan community on the Mataghis-Karvachar highway.

Azerbaijanis resorted to provocation near the Getavan community on the Mataghis-Karvachar highway. Artsakh Ministry of Internal Affairs

Azerbaijanis resorted to provocation near the Getavan community on the Mataghis-Karvachar highway. Artsakh Ministry of Internal Affairs

STEPANAKERT,  DECEMBER 4, ARTSAKHPRESS: Accompanied by Russian peacekeepers, a convoy of Azerbaijani trucks was once again organized along the Mataghis-Karvachar route on December 4, 2022. The convoy consisted of trucks and one passenger car with four Azerbaijanis in civilian clothes. The convoy stopped due to some technical reasons in the territory of Getavan community of Martakert region, after which the Azerbaijanis in the passenger car got out of the car and started to behave rudely and provocatively towards the Armenian youths there, mocking and insulting them.

A dispute arose on the mentioned land, during which the Azerbaijanis and truck drivers used violence against the Armenian young people. To stop the argument, their relatives came to the same place shortly after, during which the parties again dragged each other. The participants of the incident received minor bodily injuries; the Azerbaijani passenger car was also damaged.

According to the preliminary information, the people in the passenger car were employees of the Azerbaijani armed forces and military police, while the periodic use of the mentioned route with the mediation and accompaniment of the Russian peacekeeping troops should have had only humanitarian purposes.

Now, the police of the Republic of Artsakh are taking measures to find out and document the circumstances of the incident. The command of the peacekeeping troops of the Russian Federation was also informed about the incident.



Russia says normalization of Armenian-Azerbaijani relations is priority in South Caucasus

Russia is working intensely in the direction of overcoming the “potential for conflict” amassed in South Caucasus and in direction of the normalization of the Armenian-Azerbaijani relations and welcomes the progress in restoration of the Armenia-Turkey relations, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement responding to media questions.

Yerevan deeply concerned by recent acts of violence targeting Armenian residents, patriarchate in Jerusalem

The Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed deep concern regarding the recent acts of violence and vandalism targeting Christian religious institutions in Jerusalem.

Russia calls for complete unblocking of Lachin corridor

The Russian Ministry of Defense, the command of the Russian peacekeeping contingent, in cooperation with the Russian Foreign Ministry, are maintaining permanent contact with all stakeholder parties and active efforts for resolving the situation in Lachin corridor continue, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said at a press briefing.

The confidence that together we can achieve a lot is getting stronger. Ruben Vardanyan had meetings in Martakert communities

Ruben Vardanyan, State Minister of the Republic of Artsakh, Head of the Operational Headquarters, visited the Haterk, Drmbon, Vank communities of the Martakert region, had working meetings with the heads of the communities and the population of the mentioned and adjacent villages, the press service of Artsakh Government informed.



Armenian Church commemorates St. Gregory the Theologian

The Armenian Apostolic Church on Saturday commemorates St. Gregory the Theologian, who left rich literary heritage translated into Armenian in the 5-8th centuries AD, reports.

Azerbaijan disseminating more fake documents on Stepanakert residents' evacuation

Azerbaijan is disseminating another fake document about the evacuation of the residents of Artsakh capital Stepanakert, reported the Artsakh National Security Service (NSS).

Three patients from Stepanakert transferred to Yerevan with mediation of ICRC

Due to the blocking by Azerbaijan of the only road connecting Artsakh with Armenia, three patients from the Republican Medical Center the Republic of Artsakh with the following diagnoses: Cancer of the antrum of the stomach with damage to the regional lymph nodes, Left breast cancer, Valgus deformity of paired knee, condition after hemiepiphysiodesis, have been transported today, in January 27, to specialized medical centers of Armenia with the mediation and escort of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Artsakh InfoCenter informs.

More than 250 tons of humanitarian aid donated to Artsakh still remain in Goris. Artsakh InfoCenter

100 tons of food donated by the "Hayastan" All-Armenian Fund for the people of Artsakh to alleviate the humanitarian crisis caused by Azerbaijan's closure of the only road connecting Artsakh with the outside world, as well as more than 250 tons of humanitarian aid donated by a number of Armenian and foreign charitable organizations, and New Year's gifts prepared for the children of Artsakh , still remain in Goris and cannot be delivered to Artsakh due to the road closure.