"Young Scholars Club" to be opened in the community of Nakhijevanik

Within the framework of the "Teach for Armenia" program, Arsine Saghyan teaches Mathematics and Computer Science at Nakhijevanik Secondary School in the Askeran region of Artsakh. Students from 3 neighboring villages attend that school.

"Young Scholars Club" to be opened in the community of Nakhijevanik

STEPANAKERT, DECEMBER 3, ARTSAKHPRESS: She is from the town of  the Martuni region of Artsakh. After graduating from Yerevan State University, she decided to return to Artsakh after the war to contribute to the restoration and development of Artsakh.
Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէ
In an interview with "Artsakhpress", Arsine Saghyan mentioned that together with the students they had developed the project of creating “Young Scholars Club" , which is aimed at raising the level of awareness among the youth of the village about different professions.
Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէ“Our project, "Young Scholars Club", aims to highlight a profession every month so that students have the opportunity to learn more about a given field. We will host seminars and discussions and then present our findings to each other. As a result of this project, our students will be informed about their professional opportunities,” she said.
"As the project is unique in Artsakh in terms of the format, we hope that the idea of our club will be spread in different communities of Artsakh and the youth will be more informed," said A. Saghyan.
 According to Arsine Saghyan, the project has already been presented, now they are in the stage of fundraising, in parallel they are working on the finalization of the project.

"This club is only a part of our big goal. We want to have a pre-school institution and a youth center in the village. “Young Scholars Club"  and other clubs will be a part of the youth center.

"This center-preschool institution will give an opportunity to ensure the employment of young people, to implement their crazy and different ideas, and the preschool institution will be a place for acquiring knowledge and providing entertainment for children, as there is no kindergarten in the village,” she concluded.