Women's Council of "Free Homeland" Party hosts the relatives of April War Victims

The relatives of Robert Abajyan, Andranik Zohrabyan and Sasun Mkrtchyan, who fell victim during the Four-Day War in April, are in Artsakh at the invitation of the Women's Council of Free Homeland Party.

Women's Council of "Free Homeland" Party hosts the relatives of April War Victims

Women's Council of
STEPANAKERT, MAY 16,  ARTSAKHPRESS: As "Artsakhpress" reports, Romela Dadayan, Chairwoman of the Women's Council of Free Homeland Party, deputies of “Motherland” fraction of Artsakh NA hosted today Robert Abajyan's grandfather, Andranik Zohrabyan’s parents, Sasun Mkrtchyan's parents, as well as Anush Gevorgyan, a public figure in Yerevan.

Romela Dadayan made an opening speech, noting that Artsakh is always ready to receive the relatives of those boys who sacrificed their young lives for the homeland.
"I make sure that everyone living in Artsakh knows by heart the names of all the heroes who fell victim for the sake of our homeland. Various events are organized regularly in the memory of the victims of the Artsakh War.

Our younger generation remembers and will remember and praise the deeds of all the immortal heroes that have been crowned with glory,” said Dadayan.
She emphasized that Artsakh is not just a territory, but a holy place.

Dadayan also noted that the guests will visit Stepanakert city memorial tomorrow. Afterwards they will take part in the baptism ceremony of servicemen to be held in Conciliar Church of Intercession.

At the meeting, Alla Zohrabyan, Andranik Zohrabyan’s mother said in her speech that they are always happy to visit Artsakh.
"Martakert has become very familiar to us. We have been in Artsakh for the third time without Andranik.

When we come here, we stay in Martakert for three days. The spirits of our sons hold us there,” Zohrabyan said.
Grandfather of Robert Abajyan, who was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Artsakh, recalled his grandson’s childhood.

After the meeting, the attendees visited military units and front-line positions.