We have great expectations from Telethon. Haykak Arshamyan

This year, the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund's annual telethon will be held in Los Angeles on November 22.

We have great expectations from Telethon. Haykak Arshamyan

We have great expectations from Telethon. Haykak Arshamyan
STEPANAKERT, NOVEMBER 6, ARTSAKHPRESS: The "Telethon -2018", will be titled "Let's create together."
"Artsakhpress'' had an interview with Haykak Arshamyan, Executive Director of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, about the implemented works, "Telethon -2018" programs and some other issues.
-Mr. Arshamyan, the first donations have already been made before the Telethon -2018. Interesting to know, have been donations during this period?
The fund has already received the first major donation of 15 million drams by UNIBANK ARMENIA. And $1 million USD was raised at the Hayastan Foundation Toronto annual banquet.
Of course, donations have already been made but the amount of  moneyis usually announced at the Telethon. During this time, I was in California, USA, where I had meetings with a number of benefactors. We have talked about various programs to be implemented in Armenia and Artsakh. I am confident that this year's telethon will not be limited to installing solar water heaters and drilling wells. This year's money will also be spent on education, culture and other spheres.
To what extent, the launched programs will be implemented, and whether the new programs to be launched in 2019 have been clarified?
The expansion of the programs depends on the amount of the money. Naturally, the bigger the funds will be, the more programs will be expanded, especially in terms of irrigation water, deep wells.
- If we summarize the works done in 2017, how many wells have been drilled and how many solar water heaters have been installed?
- It was planned to build 18 wells. At this point, we should talk about 14, as no water was found in other ones.
Drilling of deep wells is not just a process itself. Although geodetic preliminary surveys have been made and there are old maps with the help of which it is possible approximately to find out the location of water, but throughout the years it changes.2017 can be considered as pilot for the project. During this time specialists and builders have become more skilled. Hopefully, in 2018 the project of drilling of deep wells will be enlarged.
Touching upon the installation of solar water heaters, I would like to mention that in Qarin Tak community of Shoushi region the systems have been installed in 60 houses. But the works are still underway.  And I must say that the program is successful.
- During his recent visit to Artsakh, President Sargsyan also touched upon the activities of the foundation, noting that in a short period of time he will do his best to develop a new program headed by a new executive director of the foundation, thanks to which the foundation's work will reach a higher level. Are there any news in this regard?
- Yes, the program is under development. It will be completed before the Telethon.
- Mr. Arshamyan, What are your expectations from this year's Telethon?
 - I have great expectations, but I think we should wait. I hope everything will be fine.
                                                                                           Interview by Ani Avanesyan