What energy problems will cause the emtying of Sarsang ? Explains Minister

Suren Galstyan, Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures of the Artsakh Republic in an interview with "Artsakhpress" has referred to the current energy situation in the Republic, as well as the consequences of the emptying of the Sarsang reservoir and the possibilities of the alternative energy.

What energy problems will cause the emtying of Sarsang ? Explains Minister

What energy problems will cause the emtying of Sarsang ? Explains Minister
STEPANAKERT,  MAY 12, ARTSAKHPRESS: The interview is presented below:
- Mr. Galstyan, how would you assess the energy situation in the Republic?
- In the conditions of the energy crisis created as a result of the damage of the only high-voltage line entering Artsakh from Armenia by Azerbaijan (January 9, 2023) and the regular disruptions of gas supply and since March 22 the complete cut off the gas supply, the energy system of Artsakh has been forced to work in an overloaded mode.
In order to meet the minimum energy demand of the population in the current situation, the government of the Republic of Artsakh was forced to apply a number of additional measures, including the suspension of the activities of a number of enterprises that are large consumers of electricity, daily power outages lasting 6 hours a day, operation of existing hydroelectric power plants at their maximum capacity, etc.
- As the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructures has already informed, Sarsang, on which our biggest energy resource-producing HPP is built, is almost empty. What will be the consequences?
- In the conditions of the created energy crisis, the production capacities of Artsakh's energy system are decreasing day by day due to the rapid consumption of the resources of the Sarsang reservoir. Now the water resources of Sarsang have reached critical conditions, 15% of the total water capacity and are approaching the dead (unusable) volume, which implies that in case of lack of precipitation, the electric power system of Artsakh will be in a desperate situation, which in turn will lead to a humanitarian disaster.
-What possibilities of alternative energy are available? What steps are being taken in that direction?
-Taking into account the deficit of the local electricity production, the ministry considers the maximum use of solar energy from alternative sources as a priority and the promotion of the necessary investments for the mentioned purpose; in the coming years increasing the renewable primary energy to 20% or more of the total consumed energy, which is important from the point of view of ensuring energy security.
- Is it possible that in case of deepening of the energy crisis, in winter, a complete transition to heating with firewood will be made? If yes, then what steps are being taken or what plans are planned in that direction?
- Given the aggressive attitude of Azerbaijan and the many illegalities and incessant provocations against the people of Artsakh, we are trying to do everything in order to confront the energy crisis and prevent its further deepening. The government of the Republic of Artsakh, is taking into account all possible scenarios; has developed certain programs and is pursuing their implementation.






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