Artsakhpress offers congratulations to 100-year-old Armenpress

Artsakhpress news agency congratulates its counterpart Armenpress on its centennial.

Artsakhpress offers congratulations to 100-year-old Armenpress

Artsakhpress offers congratulations to 100-year-old Armenpress
STEPANAKERT,  DECEMBER 18, ARTSAKHPRESS: During the century-long activity, the forefather of the Armenian news media has always been on its heights, maintaining all principles of unbiased and professional reporting.
The team of Artsakhpress extended greetings to the counterparts at Armenpress, led by executive Aram Ananyan, wishing productive work.
We once again note that since the day Artsakhpress was founded, it has always felt the practical support of Armenpress.
Artsakhpress interviewed Ananyan on this occasion.
The interview is fully presented below:
-Mr. Ananyan, first of all, we congratulate you on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of "Armenpress" news agency. What do you think about the role of the age for the media?

- For our agency, the centennial anniversary is a great opportunity to look ahead. News agencies have been and remain the most demanded format for the media field. Today, as well as a hundred years ago, our mission is to provide reliable and operational information. At present, informational formats are changing rapidly, and today's media consumption and media production differ from the past. In this sense, the age of the agency is simply convention. In the modern world, agencies should move with the times.

-Interestingly, are there any traditions that Armenpress have preserved since the day of its creation?

I think the most important tradition is to maintain the bar of reliable media source. Another important tradition is our respect for our readers. As our readers are our strength. Self-improvement is also very important factor.
- Whether it is easy to be state news agency and always keep the principle of impartiality?

- This question has often been asked. We feel the state's continuous care for the agency and we realize that the work of Armenpress is important and highly appreciated. As a state agency, we understand that competition in the current media environment will not diminish. And, regardless of the form of ownership of "Armenpress", we should be operative and reliable.
-What are the problems that the agency faces today? What kind of programs are you planning to accomplish in the near future?

-The programs are many, and the year will be full of events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of "Armenpress". The aim of the events will be not only to talk about the past achievements and history, but also to make a certain contribution to the future. It is necessary to expand content, to go along with technological progress and also to realize new professional initiatives.

-In 2015, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between "Armenpress" and "Artsakhpress" news agencies. How would you evaluate the level of cooperation between two agencies?

"Armenpress" and "Artsakhpress" have started the cooperation before the signing of the memorandum. In this regard, the memorandum confirmed the existing relations and cooperation. There are many successful examples of successful collaboration: in 2016 our two agencies and the Artsakh Journalists' Union jointly conducted a training program for young journalists in Artsakh. Certainly, in the near future, we will implement several joint projects.

                                                                                Interview by Ani Avanesyan