What will be the aim of this year’s fundraising? Exclusive interview with Ara Vardanyan

Starting from May 18 to 20 the delegation of “Hayastan” All-Armenian Fund participated in solemn ceremonies of a number of projects carried out in Artsakh through the financial means of the Fund and the Artsakh government.

What will be the aim of this year’s fundraising? Exclusive interview with Ara Vardanyan

What will be the aim of this year’s fundraising? Exclusive interview with Ara Vardanyan

STEPANAKERT, MAY 21, ARTSAKHPRESS:ArtsakhPress correspondent interviewed the fund’s executive director, Ara Vardanyan.

-Mr Vardanyan, how did the three-day visit pass? Are you satisfied with the results?

- I think the visit was efficient, since the number of our representatives from the Diaspora visiting Artsakh increases every year. It is very important for us that they should see with their own eyes what is going on and then go and tell in their home countries. Over the course of these three days we opened three community centers in Martakert region’s Getavan and Talish villages and Askeran region’s Ivanyan village. The “Renaissance of Talish” project and a new well project have been also launched. The changes recorded each year are numerous and noticeable. This is due to the Artsakh government, the Artsakh people and, of course, the Fund.

- During the visit American-Armenian philanthropist, Andranik Baghdasaryan, promised to give one million dollars for the complete renovation of Martakert region’s Getavan community school. Can we say that it is a very good beginning for this year’s fundraising?

- We had already begun fundraising, starting immediately after last year’s tele-marathon. The next day after last year’s tele-marathon we had already different philanthropists, who announced their donations. However, the biggest one as of now is Andranik Baghdasaryan’s donation. We are grateful to him. He is a man who has been the participant of projects carried out by the fund for years and serves as an example for many Armenians. I believe we will have quite a lot investments and donations.

- Regarding new donation pledges, can you say other names?

- Honestly, people don’t want their names to be revealed until this year’s tele-marathon.

- Mr Vardanyan, what will be the direction of this year’s fundraising? Is it possible that it will be again directed at the project of irrigation water?

- No doubt, that project will continue. This has been discussed with President Bako Sahakyan as well as the trustees of “Hayastan” All-Armenian Fund. During the meeting President Bako Sahakyan recommended to continue the projects of wells and solar energy supply. Of course, this does not mean that other directions will be neglected, since we have a number of investors who finance specific projects.

-What do you think will be the degree of influence of the latest political events of Armenia on the fund’s activity?

- It’s difficult to say. Any administration will have a group of people who are against it. Over the course of the past few years we have tried to prove to our philanthropists that the Fund is not a political structure. Whether the political events will influence the Fund’s activity or not will become clear at the end of this year’s fundraiser. Implementing projects and transparency are our sole criteria and we do everything we can so that philanthropists trust us.

                                                                                                                Interview by Ani Avanesyan