Japan expresses concern over Russia-China joint bomber flight

Japan has voiced its concerns to authorities in Russia and China via diplomatic channels over joint patrols of the two countries’ warplanes near Japan’s territory on Wednesday, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno told a news conference in Tokyo on Thursday.

Japan expresses concern over Russia-China joint bomber flight

Japan expresses concern over Russia-China joint bomber flight

STEPANAKERT,  DECEMBER 1, ARTSAKHPRESS:  "The intensification and expansion of such activities near our country raises serious security concerns," Matsuno emphasized. He also said that Japan had told China and Russia via diplomatic channels about its concerns.

On Wednesday, the Japanese authorities reported that two strategic H-6 bombers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and two suspected Russian aircraft flew over the Sea of Japan. No violations were reported, but Japanese fighter aircraft scrambled in response.

On Thursday, the Joint Staff of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces published a report saying that two suspected Russian Tu-95 bombers were seen flying near the island of Tsushima while on a patrol above the South China Sea and the Sea of Japan.

The Russian Defense Ministry told reporters on November 30 about a joint patrol by a group of Russia’s Tu-95MS strategic bombers and Chinese H-6 strategic bombers above the Sea of Japan and the South China Sea. The flight lasted about eight hours and was conducted "in strict compliance with international law," with "no intrusion into foreign airspaces," Russia’s top brass said.