"Luso Khoran" Monument erected in Stepanakert Memorial Complex

A monument named "Luso Khoran" has been erected in the Stepanakert Memorial Complex, dedicated to the memory of the fallen heroes of the Third Artsakh War.

"Luso Khoran" Monument erected in Stepanakert Memorial Complex

STEPANAKERT, SEPTEMBER 26, ARTSAKHPRESS:  Stepanakert First Deputy Mayor Samvel Ghulyan informed "Artsakhpress".

"The construction of the Fraternal Cemetery-Pantheon of the heroes fallen in the 44-day war and the improvement of the area started in April 2021. The tombstones of our fallen heroes have already been installed. According to the project, the area has been improved and greened, provided with a lighting system.
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The construction works have already been completed, the area is currently being cleaned," said S. Ghulyan, and added that the construction works were carried out by "Elnarti", "Kapavor" and "Pant" companies, and the construction of the memorial was carried out by the "Gabro" LLC.
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