New orchards established in Berkadzor

The residents of Berkadzor community of Artsakh’s Askeran region are mainly engaged agriculture.

New orchards established in Berkadzor

New orchards established in Berkadzor

STEPANAKERT, JUNE 22, ARTSAKHPRESS: The head of the community Zarine Mekiyan told "Artsakhpress".

"The Asmaryan brothers, who moved to Artsakh from Syria, have established orchards in our community after the war. Within the framework of the state program, greenhouses have been provided to 4 families.

Eight displaced families received vegetable seeds from the ICRC, sowed them and have already harvested them. The results are satisfactory," said Z. Mekiyan said.

 “One family displaced from the community of Avetaranots and settled in Berkadzor, who before the 44-day war was engaged in cattle breeding in the Akna region, now carries out the same activity in the community. One of the young families in the village has 33 animals. Two farms are engaged in poultry farming”.

 The head of the community mentioned that 12 hectares of land belonging to the village have been provided to the Demining Center.

 “Intra-community roads are paved. Children play in the streets, which is dangerous. We want to build a playground or a sports ground in the village," he said, adding that the new district built in the village does not have a sewer, which is one of the most urgent issues. There is a club in the community that needs renovation.

The residents are provided with electricity, round-the-clock water supply. The village is gasified,” he said.