Bread festival organized in the community of Hatsi

On June 17, the culture and youth department of the regional administration of the community of Hatsi of Artsakh’s Martuni region organized a bread festival entitled "Wheat is the basis of the world."

Bread festival organized in the community of Hatsi

Bread festival organized in the community of Hatsi
STEPANAKERT, JUNE 17, ARTSAKHPRESS: At the beginning of the event the Karabakh Aya (in Armenian language aya means great grandmother) welcomed the attendees, and in Artsakh dialect wished them great love.
6.jpg (704 KB)Then she told the history of the village of Hatsi.
7.jpg (572 KB)"Our village has a very hospitable population, all we want is peace. The village was called Hatsi because of the hospitality of our villagers, but I want to show our guests the process of  baking bread,””said Aya, inviting guests to a tonratun, where the village brides were baking bread.
8.jpg (572 KB)According to the head of the community Santur Sargsyan, no such big event had been organized in the village after the war.
10.jpg (702 KB)“ The place of the festival was not chosen by chance. The name of our village is associated with bread; it symbolizes the hospitality of the residents of our community, the abundance of bread at all times. The aim of the event is to restore the cooperation between the communities, "said S. Sargsyan.
13.jpg (544 KB)The event was attended by the residents of the community of Hatsi and  the neighboring villages.
12.jpg (517 KB)5.jpg (551 KB)During the bread festival, children from a number of communities of the region of Martuni performed patriotic songs and national dances.

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