Devotion is immortality... Hrayr Danielyan

During 2020 Artsakh War many devotees sacrificed their lives for the defense of the homeland . One of the devotees is Hrayr Danielyan.

Devotion is immortality... Hrayr Danielyan

Devotion is immortality... Hrayr Danielyan

STEPANAKERT, JANUARY 21, ARTSAKHPRESS: Hrayr Danielyan was born on July 22, 1997, in the Norshen community of Artsakh’s Martuni region. After graduating from school, he entered the "Law" Department of Artsakh State University. In 2015 he was drafted into the army. He was encouraged with a number of diplomas and badges for his high morale and courage during his military service during the April war.

He was a senior sergeant, an artilleryman. In 2020 he graduated from Artsakh State University and was immediately employed in the Anti-Corruption Crimes Department of the Economic and Corruption Crimes Department of the Police of the Republic of Artsakh. He had the rank of police lieutenant. Since September 27, he has participated in the battles for the defense  of the homeland together with the staff of the police battalion. On October 15, 2020, during the defense of Hadrut, he was shot to death by a drone strike. Hrayr Danielyan was awarded the Medal “For Courage”.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէLieutenant Colonel Mher Sargsyan spoke about Hrayr with great pride, at the same time, with unspeakable heartache.

"In addition to bringing military personnel to a high level of combat readiness, we educate them with the Nzhdeh ideology. Hrayr was one of such soldiers. He loved his Homeland so much that he was ready to give his life to protect the borders of his native land. During his service, he has always stood out with exemplary behavior, courage and patriotism typical of an Armenian soldier," said Mher Sargsyan.