Zelensky blames Ukraine’s loss of Donbass on Poroshenko

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on Friday blamed his predecessor Pyotr Poroshenko for the loss of Donbass, and Ukraine’s acting prime minister in 2014, Alexander Turchinov, for the loss of Crimea.

Zelensky blames Ukraine’s loss of Donbass on Poroshenko

Zelensky blames Ukraine’s loss of Donbass on Poroshenko

STEPANAKERT, NOVEMBER 27, ARTSAKHPRESS: "Mr. Turchinov is one of those people who lost Crimea. And Mr. Poroshenko is one of those who lost Donbass. This says it all. It is my own opinion and, I am certain, the opinion of a majority of Ukrainians," Zelensky told a news conference.

One of the journalists recalled that during his election campaign Zelensky criticized Poroshenko for remaining the owner of a confectionery plant in Lipetsk, while the incumbent president was one of the founders of the Kvartal 95 studio, whose video content was shown in Russia.

Zelensky said that such parallels were groundless.

"I am different from Poroshenko, who was doing his business in wartime. Secondly, it is not correct to liken media space to candies," he said, adding that products manufactured at the Poroshenko-owned factory were sold in areas of Donbass that were beyond Kiev’s control. Also, Zelensky said that he had quit Kvartal 95 as a business partner, while its content’s copyright was in the hands of a Swedish broker.