New sports ground opened in Stepanakert

On October 27, on the initiative of Olympic vice-champion, World Champion Arsen Julfalakyan and World and European champion, Olympic Games participant David Safaryan, the sports ground built in Stepanakert’s "Artsakh" district was opened.

New sports ground opened in Stepanakert

New sports ground opened in Stepanakert

STEPANAKERT, OCTOBER 27, ARTSAKHPRESS: The Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Artsakh, Lusine Gharakhanyan told “Artsakhpress” that Armenians like Arsen Julfalakyan and Davit Safaryan support Artsakh and Artsakh people during these difficult days.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէ"I really want each of the children of Artsakh to become Arsen Julfalakyan or Davit Safaryan, because to win in sports means to beat yourself; to cross all borders in the good sense of the word - kindness, courage, will, self-improvement, self-overcoming and self-realization. After the 44-day war, we realized that we must become even stronger and return, because we have no other choice," said Gharakhanyan.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէIn his speech, Arsen Julfalakyan noted that such programs in Artsakh will be continuous.

"When I see the shining eyes of children, I realize that the job was done right, and the target was chosen correctly," he said.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէԲնութագրությունը հասանալի չէ11-year-old Yuri Makaryan, who has been attending wushu classes for 5 years, expressed great joy that he will train in a new sports ground every day.

Բնութագրությունը հասանալի չէ