Artsakh of Life. Sofya Sargsyan

Within the framework of the "Artsakh of Life" project, the guest of "Artsakhpress" was the editor-in-chief of "STEPANAKERT" newspaper, pedagogue and writer Sofya Sargsyan.

Artsakh of Life. Sofya Sargsyan

Artsakh of Life. Sofya Sargsyan

STEPANAKERT, JULY 27, ARTSAKHPRESS"Exemplary episodes of patriotic activity are created by everyone who lives and works in Artsakh, as their activities contribute to the noble cause of state-building and reconstruction of wounded Artsakh.

 As for my activity, I should note that for 21 years I have been trying to do my best in the field of journalism to convey the realities of the state-building process to the public. We inform about the remarkable episodes, achievements and shortcomings of Artsakh.
"As a writer, I consider it my duty to present to the world the Artsakh people, who despite difficulties creates and never depressed," said S. Sargsyan.