From Singapore to Shushi: Aurora Forum kicks off

Revival of Oriental Historical Heritage Fund is organizing one of the first events within Aurora Forum which will take place in Armenia and Artsakh on October 14-21 and will bring together leading specialists from humanities, technology, science, education and social sectors, IDeA Foundation informs.

From Singapore to Shushi: Aurora Forum kicks off

From Singapore to Shushi: Aurora Forum kicks off

STEPANAKERT, OCTOBER 14,  ARTSAKHPRESS: On October 14, the friends and trustees of the fund will get together at an event in Shushi dedicated to completion of the restoration works of a historical monument – Gohar Agha Upper Mosque.

Supporting the initiative of the Government of Artsakh, Revival of Oriental Historical Heritage Fund started the program of the Upper Mosque restoration in 2014. The project is being carried out as part of Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation’s Artsakh development program.

The preservation of the historical exterior of the mosque was part of the program. The works also included the restoration of the madrasa (seminary) building, as well as improvements in the territory adjacent to the mosque, including a small park.

It’s also notable that the Fund has recently supported completion of the restoration of the roof of Saint Thaddeus Monastery. Saint Thaddeus Monastery located in the north west of Iran, is exceptionally significant for the Armenian Apostolic Church and is an important site of religious pilgrimage for the entire Christian world. In 2008, the cathedral was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.
The participants of the event in Shushi will also learn about other projects implemented by the Fund and its partners aimed at preserving the spiritual, cultural and historical heritage, including the Surb Astvatsatsin Church in Artsakh, Tatev Monastery Complex in Armenia, Surb Gevorg Church Complexin Georgia, and Saint Gregory the Illuminator Church in Singapore.


About Aurora Forum

The Aurora Forum is a unique and aspirational forum developed to fulfill humanity’s collective potential and to drive positive action across some of the world’s most pressing humanitarian, technological, scientific, educational, and social challenges.

The Forum will feature activities and discussions and will convene thought leaders and change-makers from across the world to share knowledge, perspective and ideas, which together can deliver practical action and change. The Forum will be held in Armenia from October 14 to 21, 2019. The Aurora Forum’s far-reaching agenda will be driven by partner institutions with a shared commitment to address global challenges and local development. These include: Initiatives for Development of Armenia Foundation (IDeA)Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST)Aurora Humanitarian InitiativeScholae Mundi Global Educational Platform, the United World Colleges (UWC) international college in Dilijan, Armenia, and Ameriabank