Rouhani says Iran will diminish its commitments in nuclear deal

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced on Wednesday that Iran partially diminishes its commitments in the nuclear deal, BBC reported.

Rouhani says Iran will diminish its commitments in nuclear deal

Rouhani says Iran will diminish its commitments in nuclear deal

STEPANAKERT, MAY 8,  ARTSAKHPRESS: Rouhani noted that the nuclear agreement is in the interests of the region and the whole world, and the country will continue to make efforts to remain in the agreement, despite the wishes of the enemies.

Iran will inform the other five signatories of the agreement about the decision to suspend the fulfillment of some of their obligations.

Ambassadors of France, Britain, Germany, Russia and China received Rouhani’s letter to diminish some of Iran’s commitments.

The letter was delivered to ambassadors by Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi. The document elaborates the decision taken by the Iranian Supreme National Security Council, chaired by President Rouhani.
It says that Tehran has shown maximum restraint and patience since the US left the agreement in May last year, and also gave the rest of the signatories significant time at their own request to guarantee the interests of Iran.

Iran provided the five remaining parties with the agreement 60 days before it reduces some of its obligations, Mehr reported.

In order to protect the security and national interests of the Iranian people, the Supreme National Security Council ordered the termination of certain parts of the obligations of the Islamic Republic of Iran in accordance with Articles 26 and 36 of the agreement.

According to the decision, Iran will not comply with the restrictions imposed on the storage of enriched uranium and heavy water in accordance with the deal.

The remaining parties to the nuclear deal were given 60 days to fulfill their obligations under the deal, especially those related to the banking and oil sectors. If not, the Islamic Republic will stop enforcing restrictions on the level of uranium enrichment and modernization of the Arak heavy water reactor.